Campaign without IMAP connection

I would like to create a campaign for a newsletter. I am using an external mail provider: mandrill (or sendgrid) for mail submission (via SMTP).
I noticed that a mandatory requirement is to have an email inbound defined in suitecrm, but I don’t have it, and the mail providers are just outgoing email providers.
A. I do not need to check for bounces - mandrill are handling that
B. I do not need to log opens and clicks - mandrill are handling that
I just need to send emails to my accounts
How can I do that?

The way SugaRCRM/SuiteCRM campaigns are handled are that you need to have a bounce handler/mailbox to be able to utilise campaigns.

This is not a good solution for me. Eventually I had to change the code to support that.
I disabled the error message on the page, and added some code to handle a case when there is no inbound mail, and use the default smtp server.

Sending mass email campaign from your own smtp server or email provider is not a practical thing to do - you need a server with valid reputation and volume to skip the spam folder and keep you out of the reputation police. This is why mailchimp, mandrill, sendgrid and other companies exist.
A better integration with them is highly recommended

If anyone needs my solution, I am happy to help