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I am looking for information in Documentation but can’t find it.

I am trying to use Campagin module to send event email invitation to target list.
Question i have:

Contacts are added to target lists by CRM users and target list is connected campaign.
Will contacs added to target list after first sending of emails send email next day ?



No, adding to the target list will not trigger any emails being sent; only the actual event of sending the Campaign will send emails (using the version of the Target list as it was at the moment of sending).

@MartinCRM In addition to @pgr’s reply, do not forget to have your cron jobs properly set up and to adjust the times in which the mass emails scheduler is set to send the emails, as per your needs.


is there any solution that you propose to use so as to keep the flexibility of inviting customers?
I understand that if i manually choose to send email via campagin it will send emails to all contact on target list, so some email users may recive it twice.

I am not a Campaigns expert, but I believe Campaigns are ready to be re-used with the Marketing email name concept, described in the Docs like this:

Enter a name for this run of the campaign. This allows you to resend the campaign at a later date to a different target list, or with a modified template. The campaign will store separate status details for each marketing record, and these can be selected on the campaign status page.