Campaign Newsletter Report

Hello everybody.

i need help, to create 2 reports

I use Campaigns to send newsletters.

I would like a report like this image

I try to generate it but if i insert contact od Account name report is always blank

Thank you so much
for Help

Hey there,

Were you able to find a solution for this?

I think you’d have to pull information from a few different modules, and related modules, at the same time
(Campaigns/Campaign Log and Contacts/Leads/Targets, depending on what you want)

Which i’m not sure if Reports is currently able to do efficiently
However, I feel i’ve gotten close with a report on the Contacts module!

With the following report, you get somewhat similar results to your attached image:

With the fields being:

If you wish to use this

The one thing I’ve been unable to find thus far is the click-through link

But hopefully the above is a good start!