Campaign module customize

Hello everyone,
I would like to customize the campaign module but I can not create a field.
Can you help me?
Who has already modified the campaign module?

Go to Admin->Studio-> Campaigns-> Fields

The Campaigns module has been refactored by SalesAgility.

I have managed to re-add my custom fields by going to modules/Campaigns and editing the templates or files starting with Wizard that you find in the folder.
Probably yo can create a field from Studio but to use it you then need to add it manually to the template(s) where you need it.

If Studio doesn’t show the module Campaigns maybe you can try creating a file called studio.php with inside only the open and close php tags. This file has to go in the folder: modules/Campaigns/metadata. Possibly you need to run Quick Repair and Rebuild

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I create a new field in studio and i go to WizardCampaignHeader.tpl to add my custom field.He displayed.But when we modify the campaign the value of the custom field is empty.How do you call the value field in .tpl?