CAMPAIGN Issue - test email is going only

Hello everyone,
I have created the CAMPAIGN with CAMPAIGN WIZARD

  1. I create the Target of about 3 contacts
  2. I add those contacts in the Target list
  3. I attach the Email settings and test them, no error
  4. I create the Campain, and attached the Test List and the List that I want to send.
  5. At the end all the buttons are Green that no Error
  6. I send the email as Test = OK, works Perfect
  7. But my email that was supposed to come on that specific time never came :frowning:
    Can anyone help what I am doing wrong?

Did you set up your Schedulers?

Go in Admin / Schedulers, there are instructions at the bottom of the table.

In particular, check your job “Run Nightly Email Campaigns” has a “last ran successfully time” that is recent, and in the correct timezone.

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HI, it is working now.
I was missing that part Admin / Schedulers
It works fine.