Campaign Emails Not Sent at Scheduled TIme

I have set up the email settings of my SuiteCRM and also the IMAP settings, and it works fine when I send a test email. It works fine even when I send a test email from the Campaigns module. However, when I hit ‘Send Email at Scheduled Time’ and wait for the scheduled time, the time arrives but it does not send the emails to the target list.
Any reasons why this might be happening?

That process runs under CLI PHP, you could check your settings in /etc/php/7.4/cli/php.ini or an equivalent for your version.

Also, SuiteCRM suppresses sending repeated emails to same addresses. So if you re-run a campaign it will not resend to addresses that you have already sent to.

I can access that file for my php8.1 version. However, what should I check in settings, is there any specific things to do with it.

When I first schedule campaign, it also does not work. Therefore, I don’t think that the second point you mentioned is what the problem is.

You should check date.timezone, and you should check your PHP logs; if there are FATALs there, you might need further settings changes (for example, if it’s running out of memory, increase memory).

This should help you gather more information from the logs

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hey @noman-mangalzai you’ve got two threads going on the same subject. I answered on your other thread some more things you can check. Please try and keep the same problem in a single thread if you can, it makes it easier for people to help you.

@pstevens I though I have two threads. However, I could not my other thread. Therefore, I posted another one. Sorry for that.

I will check your respected answers. Thank you your time sir.