Campaign email time is wrong

I’m trying to use campaigns for the first time. I configured an email to launch at 8pm, and when I save and load the details of the campaign the email shows as scheduled for 4pm. If I set it for 8:15pm, it shows 4:15pm…

If someone could explain what I’m doing wrong I’d be grateful.

This seems to be a bug. Every time I save the campaign the time goes backwards by 4 hours.

In my test campaign, I set the emails to send at 8pm, when saving they showed as set for 4pm, and they actually sent at 2am the following morning.

I double checked and the time zone on the server is EST and accurate, same as my system time.

How did you resolved that bug? To me with suitecrm 7.8.2 is happening something similar:
I was setting time at 17, then 18, and then 19 and then it became 16:00 by itself eachone of these 3 times…

I haven’t tried using it since I posted this, as far as I know the bug might still exist.