Calls - Rescheduling

When I go onto any of our updated systems (7.0.1) I see what is inside the Attachment

Its only Edit with a down pointing arrow - Delete / Duplicate - No reschedule option but as you will in the image I have the Reschedule in the overview section


Hi Taufique,

Due to the call being at the status “Outbound Held” there is no need to reschedule because the call has already been held.



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I don’t see the Reschedule Call option in the calls module in SuiteCRM7.0.2 downloaded from the site. I have repaired and rebuilt everything.

If I use the Advanced OpenAdmin/Reschedule Settings (Configure and Manage Reschedule) I get an option to Repair Reschedule but no Settings. Is this correct?

What do I need to do to integrate it into the Calls module. Novice with Sugar/Suite CRM


OK, I found it. It doesn’t look as per the Sugar Forge screen shots due the styling theme of SuiteCRM.

It’s now on the dropdown menu of the Call detail view - and it works nicely.