Call Reports Not Working On iPhone

Have been trying to use Suite CRM on an iPhone plus, but when I click on Log Call Report under Activity under an Account, the form does not come up and the drop down Create button under Activity disappears. We have tested it on the iPad and everything seems to work fine. Can anyone help?

Which version of SuiteCRM? And which version of PHP? And which theme are you using?

I tried this on the online demo and it worked well, even with a small browser window, like on the iPhone.

If you can also test with a different browser on the iPhone, you can check if the problem is in the browser.

We are on 7.9.7. Tried the same thing using Chrome and it behaved the exact same way. Works fine on the iPad. I tried going directly to the Call Reports module and then Log Call Report. That seems to work, but now you have to go through the hassle of associating it with a company or contact. If you go to Activities under either a Company or Contact and click on the drop down and then click on Log Call Report nothing happens and the drop down button disappears.

You call it “Call Reports” but normally it’s called simply “Calls”. Are you using any custom modules, or are you talking about the default module in SuiteCRM?

If you can try it on the online demo, you can check whether it works there:

If it does, you might consider upgrading to the latest version, maybe that bug has already been fixed…