Calendar Page and Dashlet problems after upgrade from 7.5.1 to 7.5.3

The upgrade completed without error. However the calendar detail page and dashlet are now blank.

The detail and dashlet still show the ‘previous’ and ‘next week’ links and the date range, but the grid itself is blank.

The grid appears if there are no meetings scheduled within the date range of the detail view, but the dashlet always remains blank.

I have cleared the cache folder and run a quick repair, but the problem remains.

Nothing shows in the suitecrm error log, but apache erro log has:

PHP Notice: Undefined index: record_type_display in /var/www/crm/modules/Meetings/Meeting.php on line 443

However this error also appeared before the upgrade, when the calendar was working.

I also removed the custom/modules/meetings and extension/repaired but no luck.


This problem was caused by some custom code I 'm using to color calendar items, found here:-

The code is not upgrade-safe (as stated by the author) and CalendarDisplay.php had been overwritten.