Calendar Issues for non-admins

I have been unable to get shared calendars to work for non-admin users. For admin users, I go to the shared calendar, and select the users and voila - all the meetings show up. For anyone else, I do the same steps and the meeting doesn’t show up - even for the user the meeting is assigned to, They can see the meeting in the meeting module, both for the assigned user and any other user, but not in the calendar.

What version Suite do you use?
What access have users in Roles when they isn’t admin?
I don’t see any problem there in my intallations.

Version 7.11.15

Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344)

They are just users. I have tried giving them complete access to all modules, and it doesn’t make any difference.

Do you have any messages into log file?
I am testing the version of Suite now. It work without problems.
Do you have any changes into your systems files?

hmm…would this cause the issue?

Thu Oct 22 21:14:40 2020 [376285][1][DEBUG] SugarBean.load_relationships, failed Loading relationship (assigned_user_id)

I have to admit I am lost when I try and look at the logs. I’m not sure what I should be looking for, nor which type of log I should be looking at.


  1. Open 2 browsers.
  2. Make login as admin user in the first browser.
  3. Make login as ordinary user in the second browser.
  4. Go to Calendar and open SHARED calendar, don’t select other user in USER LIST.
  5. Change browser (go to the first browser).
  6. Go to Admin->System settings
  7. Open for view log in config menu. It’s will opened in new window.
  8. Click button “MARK POINT”
  9. Change browser (go to the second browser).
  10. Select other user in USER LIST
  11. Change browser (go to the first browser).
  12. Click button “REFRESHE FROM MARK”

All messages will be connected with selecting user in share calendar.

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Thanks for the step by step :slight_smile:

I had no fatal issues, only a warning “CSS File Dawn/yui.css not found”

There must have been something corrupted in the specific user I was testing. I made a duplicate of the user and tested again. No problem. Head scratcher.

Thanks for your help!