Calendar Issue


is there any way to make this calendar rows bigger?

Which version is this? Any custom theme you’re using?

What is the duration of these meetings? Do they look the same on the online demo?

Theme is from

The Duration is 30 min. I think its the Standart.

And your SuiteCRM version?

Please check if this is a problem with the default theme (SuiteP) on the live demo. If it isn’t, you have to check with the authors of your theme.


Sorry for the late Response.

I`m working with SuiteCRM Version 7.11.1 Sugar Version 6.5.25 (Build 344).

i have the same Problem in the demo and the original theme to.

But this is OK for me.

i cant read all the calendar entrys. they are so small. is there any way to make this rows bigger?

There’s no way to change this from the UI, sorry.

Do you know how to customize CSS? You could try changing the Font size. But it is a bit technical, not for end-users at all, I’m afraid…

Yes you can do it see:

Here’s a few suggestions:
a. If you press your ctrl key and + or -, then most browsers will zoom in or out. That might be a viable alternative? as it becomes easier to click on each to check the information.
b. You’d need to customise the CSS, which can be done by using developer tool in Chrome. Other browsers have an alternative mechanism for doing this.
c. In your Profile advanced tab, you have an iCAL URL, that you can use with your choice of calendar app to view the contents in a separate application.