Calendar Entry from Workflow

Is it possible to create a Calendar record from Workflow?

I don’t see it in the list of modules


By A “calender record”, do you mean the types of records that you can create/view on the Calender? Such as Meetings, Tasks or Calls?

You can create a Task/Meeting/Call through the Workflow “Create Record” action. As long as you ensure to set an “Assigned to” value and Start/End date values when building the “Create Record” action on the Workflow, It will show on the specified User’s Calender.

Unless you mean something else by “Calender Record”?

That is exactly what I need to do.

I tried creating a meeting/task/call with all the fields populated but it does not show up in the Calendar, either when created via workflow on directly in the modules (meetings/calls).

Is there a setting I am missing that links these modules to the Calendar?

Make sure that you assign a User/Invitee to the Task/Meeting/Call. Also, make sure that you are viewing the calender of someone who has a Task/Meeting/Call assigned to them.
Make sure that you set a time for the Tasks/Meetings/Calls, and you are viewing the correct time on the calender.
If you have arranged a Task/Meeting/Call outside of the Timeframe of a calender, (Before 8am and after 7pm), it may not show.

If nothing is appearing still, go onto your Calender and click “Settings”.
Ensure that “Show Calls”, “Show Tasks” and " Show Completed Meetings, Calls and Tasks: " are all set to “Yes”

If you are trying to view another user’s records via the “Shared” calender, click “User List” and ensure that all Users you wish to view the Calender of are selected.

If it still not working, Could you attach a screenshot? Are there errors in the suitecrm.log/sugarcrm.log files?

Hi John, thanks for your help so far.

Here’s what I I’ve been able to determine…

If I create a meeting from the meetings module (meeting2.jpg), it shows up in the calendar.

If I create a meeting from a workflow (meeting1.jpg, ) it does not, calendar screenshot is attached as well.

Oddly enough if I create a task in workflow, it shows up the calendar but its the meetings I need to create

Needed to create the related record for the User for it to display in the User’s calendar…In case anybody else had the issue

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Hi, I have the same issue and can see I need to relate the “meeting” record to a user, but I can’t see how to do this.

What do you mean by “Needed to create the related record for the User for it to display in the User’s calendar…In case anybody else had the issue” do you do this as part of the workflow?