Calendar Dates Changed

I have a situation where like 12 meetings (4 days one user) in the Calendar changed overnight (so I am told). They were all scheduled to start at 8:00am, 10am and 12pm. This morning they opened the calendar and everything is 5 hours earlier. We are in CST.

Initially I had problems getting the times to store right in the database. If I remember right, everything is stored in UTC time. Initially when working with the calendar, I did have problems getting time’s to be show correct.

Has anyone experienced this issue when the time’s of a hand few of meetings are different from one day to the next.

Any idea what to look at? Could this be a PC issue (i.e. someone’s clock is wrong?)
This is the servers
root: timedatectl
Local time: Wed 2023-09-13 10:22:35 CDT
Universal time: Wed 2023-09-13 15:22:35 UTC
RTC time: Wed 2023-09-13 15:22:35
Time zone: America/Chicago (CDT, -0500)
System clock synchronized: yes
NTP service: active
RTC in local TZ: no


Crazy things can happen. Think of this scenario:

CLI PHP timezone is not configured, or wrong
Some Workflows run from cron. So one could run using a wrong timezone
Workflow touches on some calendar records, breaks timezone

Anyway, I’d just try to make sure that both php.ini’s have a correct timezone setting, do they? I mean CLI and web-server PHPs.

Yep, checked that:

root@crm:/etc/php/7.4# grep -R date.timezone
cli/php.ini:; PHP: Runtime Configuration - Manual
cli/php.ini:date.timezone = America/Chicago
apache2/php.ini:; PHP: Runtime Configuration - Manual
apache2/php.ini:date.timezone = America/Chicago

Well, I don’t know then. You would need to be able to reproduce the problem yourself, in order to see it happening and diagnose…

The ending of this story is that a mobile user was scrolling on his screen and moved a bunch at one time.

I have disabled their ability to scroll. This should fix the problem.

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The problem was between the keyboard and the chair…