Calculated fields in workflow cause duplicate groups in new Quotes

An annoying error came to light when working with Workflow.
Steps to repeat:

  1. Create a Quote with a title for example test quote. All fields, except for the name, leave the default values. Add group1 to the Line Items panel and add a service line named some service1 as in the screenshot.

  2. Create a Workflow test for quote.
    As in the screenshot
    It is important that the workflow changes more than one field in the same Quotes record
    In this case, the Approval Issues and Payment Term fields are changed.

  3. Duplicate test quote
    We look before duplicating Line Items and we see one group.

    In order for Workflow to work, install Quote Stage: * Negotiation

Click Save
We look at Line Items … there are two of them!

Moreover, Total has not changed
If WorkFlow changes three fields in the same qoutes record, we get two additional groups, and so on.
My version of SuiteCRM is 7.11.13 BUT this error is also on the online demo

Test Quote

I believe that easy-to-use visual editing tools contribute to the successful promotion of SuiteCRM to the masses!

Best regards!

Hey there,

Thank you for raising this, especially in such detail!

I was able to replicate easily, thanks to your steps/screenshots, it looks like an issue

Would you be able to raise this as a bug on our Github repo, if you have a chance?

That way, the bug’s progress can be logged & tracked much easier

Thank you again!