Calculated Field - Recordcount


I’m trying to generate a workflow to create quote numbers based on the customernumber.
Something like: customernumber-001

Where ‘001’ is a counter, for that customer.

Is this with simple Calculated Fields possible?
If not, how can I add a custom function to Calculated Fields?

welcome to forums, what you can do it make an auto increment (just like quote number or case number field which you can check in those modules) which will act like a counter and then your own custom field customernumber ,which will have a prefix and then the value.
so your Module will have one field only for counter, like number and then the other field for display like customernumber-counter. you can use before save logic hook to calculate both fields.

Ah , stupid me, why didn’t I think of that? :laughing:

Thank you very much! Thats a great solution!