Cache issue after API update


May I ask your help on this cache/api issue?

  1. I use Integromat to update a URL field of an Account record.
  2. The update seems to works fine as I see the value change at the database level (in PhpMyAdmin).
  3. However, the Detail View of SuiteCRM does not update, but it keeps showing the old value.
  4. Thinking of a cache issue, I run a Quick Repair & Rebuild, but I still see the old value.

Any idea of where the issue could be?

The URL field is configured in SuiteCRM to use the “Generate URL” feature.

Thank you,

PS: I am on SuiteCRM Version 7.11.8, PHP7.3, hosting is on a dedicated VPS on Vultr.

For some reason, today it works fine and the API update correctly updates the Detail View in SuiteCRM.

I guess I had some server issue on my side.

Apologies for the distraction :slight_smile:


A last note to the thread: contrary to my last post, it turned out that the problem was the “Generate URL” option of the URL and IFrame fields.

It seems that when this option is selected, any update to the record is not reflected in the UI.

I guess the rationale is that when you generate a URL you are not supposed to be able to alter its value… the fact that it is possible to do so via the API generated my confusion.

Hope this helps somebody in the future :slight_smile: