Bulk actions in Email broken

I have been using suiteCRM mostly successfully for a while, but I am finding the email interface very frustrating and I would like to know whether it is just me, or it is the same for everyone else.

I have set up the IMAP client ok. suiteCRM shows me a list of emails in the inbox of an emil account where I put emails ready for import. I can import emails ok. Then I want to use a bulk action, to delete the imported emails from the IMAP account and here I hit a problem. The check-boxes in the list view that normally activate the bulk-action button do not work. Crosses appear in the check-box, but suitCRM does not see anything as selected. That was Version 7.11.6. Note that check boxes and bulk actions work fine on other list-views such as Accounts or Contacts.

I tried upgrading to 7.11.18. It has not helped.

I have tried various other things over the weeks. I have tried resetted the list view. I have peered at the email table (phpMyAdmin) to see if anything looks wrong. I have looked at suitecrm.log to see if any errors pop up when I try to tick the check-boxes. I have tried “Repair Inbound Email Accounts”, “Sync Inbound Email Accounts”, and various other items on the repair page. But these attempts are not really informed actions, just guesses. I have tried other browsers (I am using Firefox 85.0.2).

I have looked at the html source. The check-box entry for a working list view looks like this:

by contrast the list view for email has:

i.e. an empty value=’’. Perhaps this is significant?

So before I spend any more time, can anyone confirm that it works for them. Have I somehow corrupted something, or is it just broken in these versions? If it is broken for everyone, I should stop struggling.

And by the way, the command “Delete from IMAP” does not seem to work either. Does that work for anyone else?

Hi, I had got the same problem and I solved it going to Admin -> Studio -> Emails -> Layouts -> List View -> Save@Deploy.

It works for me.

Be Lucky

Thank you very much indeed for replying; I really appreciate it.

I thought I had tried your suggestion before, but I tried again and you are correct. It does make a difference. It is now working at least some of the time.

Thanks again