bulk action mass update issue

bulk update doesnt work at all in chrome/opera but works fine in IE . no log file as when i select mass update in chrome it doesnt do anything .
also no code when i select mass update

running PHP 7.3 and sutie 7.11.3


Which module, and which Mass update, are you trying? I want to try exactly the same thing as you.

When Chrome fails, do you see any errors in the browser’s Developer Console?

No errors in dev view . though i have a more concerning issue now . as of yesterday in the view module for contacts/leads and accounts the view will only show me 1 contact/lead . this just started late yesterday . i rolled back to yesterdays backup and still the same issue so i am lost as to WTF is going on at the moment .

as for the modules its leads and Accounts .
custom drop down .

i created a custom dropdown . to run a workflow

Check both your logs for any FATAL or ERROR messages at the time those views display.