bulk action/ email into the contact view


I have small problem with bulk action / email. I have selected two contacts and click on bulk action/email. It opens the popup compose email, but the field To: stay empty and is not populated with the email address of contact. I need to send 1 email to a multiple contacts. Is there an other way thta bulk action to be do.

Thanks in advance

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Please always state your SuiteCRM version.

Was this working before, and now it’s broken?

Does it work well when you select only one Contact and select bulk action / email?


Thanks for your feedback.

It was not working before.

I am using Version 7.9.4, IT is the version supplied by my hosting into a package with other applications. On Apache and Mysql Server PHP 7.0

When I select only one contact and select bulk action it does not work.
If I click on the email adress into the contact view, it works perfect.

I have tried also the bulk export function and it works well.

When I am into the email pop-up, into the To : field, a tool bar appears and I could select other modul (contact, employees,…), but a smal “undefined” icon appears when the mouse fly over it.

Thanks in advance.


I think this is fixed in newer versions. Can you please try upgrading? You should be able to do it from within SuiteCRM, without requiring the assistance of your hosting.


I have tried the update but the result was not Ok. When I have done the update the Only the menu was here…

I have installed the latest version manually and problem relative to bulk email was solved. :slight_smile:

I still have some undefined tag which appears into studio, and I will look later for the this.

I have noticed that when 2 contacts have the same email address, it only send one email to this address. Very nice.

thanks a lot for your help and support.

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No problem, I’m glad you got it working.

Watch out for those “undefineds”, if you see that in many places across the app, it is usually a sign of incorrect permissions settings, and this will bring you many problems in the future…

Thanks for the “undefineds” , I rechecked the permissions and now it works perfectly.

Thanks for you help on this topic.