Building Relationship to Employee Modul

Hi there,

we are currently investigation SuiteCRM for your company. Currently i’m testing a self-written modul for certfication. I’d like to build up a relation to the employee module, but there seems no way to do this.
Relating towards the user modul (which seem to be build around the user modul) works, but does not show up the subpanel in the employee modul.

Please give me a hint, how to solve this problem.

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The Employees module is built on top of the Users module… so you may be best off linking to the Users module

Maybe this link will be of help

Thank you for the quick response and the link. I Found this thread before but it does not works for me.

I bulid up a relation from my module to users module 1:n

Then i have to relate this to the employe module(??), which i can’t choose in the drop down.

Thank you for advice!

You could add it manually in the code,

Add a relationship to the users module then go into the


and rename it to employees instead of Users

Forget what I said above

They use the same database structure underneath, so a relationship for Users is shared it with Employees. What you need to do is create a custom subpanel called employees.

Thank you andy.

So i have to code it hard. is there any possibilie to deactive the employee modul and using only the users modul without affecting any other functionality of the suitecrm.