Bug - No html editor in emails


We are facing a new problem in 7.3.1 version.

If creating/editing a new signature in email / settings, no html editor (tinymce?) and no possibilities to integrate html code and pics (logos) inside.

Am I alone? :dry:


Same here, tried and created a new signature and can’t create a usable one. Noticed this came in with the SuiteCRM version 7.3 release and hasn’t been fixed in the version 7.3.1 release yet (just installed).


Took a look at this.
You’re Correct that the signature editor is not a html field, but if I create a signature that uses HTML, it will display a correct HTML signature when creating/sending E-mails. The recieved e-mail also has a correctly formatted Signature.

Thanks, John
Perfect, workaround works really well

Hi John. Thanks for your reply.
In fact I already found my solution… in the SQL Table users_signature, you can find 2 string : 1st is signature with text… and the 2nd is a html signature.

If you save these modifications, you will obtain the same result than yours.

I just think TinyMCE is not present in the email defs…

Let’s see… B)

But now, how is it possible to use tinymce functions, like to set up size, color and polices?

I think this version is the worst we had since 1 year !!! It is not finished at all… :sick: