Bug: Invoice Module: Date select field displaced by products


If in the invoice module, custom date select fields are created below the product / line items, the date select is precisely displaced by the amount of space needed for the products / line items. See screenshots.

Edit: It seems that the first time the date window is called, its location is saved for future calls. So if I select all the line items first, then select a date location it is perfect. If I remove some line items then, then the date pop up is below where it should be.

Would be great if this could be fixed with 7.10.



if you can please try this in the live demo?


If it’s broken there also, please open an issue on Github with this - with your screenshots and all the relevant information, this makes a very nice bug report.

Thanks and happy new year!


I cant reproduce it in the demo, because the module builder is missing so I can’t add a date field below. I opened a github issue however.

Thanks and happy new year!

Can you please try it in this other demo? It allows Admin access, so you will find a Module Builder.


This test is important because it rules out a bunch of other possible causes from your system, like customizations, PHP configuration issues, database or file corruption, etc.

Just reproduced it in this demo (www.softaculous.com/demos/SuiteCRM) with the invoice module. See screenshots.


Here is the link to new Issue just in case somebody wants to track the evolution: