Bug in SuiteCRM-7.5.1 Dynamic Dropdown List

Hello Guys.

I want to create a dependent dropdown list from another list using dynamic dropdown, but after an upgrade to 7.5.1 ver. Dynamic Dropdown list selector is missing as well its Parent Dropdown list field. Is this a bug or theres someting wrong with my upgrade. FYI i installed the latest version on a virtual server its the same.

Can somebody help me on this?

I have exactly the same issue.
I even installed new 7.5.1 with clean DB and there is also the same problem.

Looking now in internet for solution.

Someone has posted a fix here:



Had found already, and came back go give answer. You was before me :slight_smile:
Anyway thanks for answer.

Here is Open ticket on GitHub:
And here is solution on GitHub:

thanks…it fixed the issue