Bug in schedule meeting full form

Hi to all, actually i want to create a meeting in a Lead, i want to create a reminder between the lead and assigned user id. So i have to use the full form to make that. But when i click SAVE or SAVE and send invite, nothing happend. really, nothing. No log, no error, no message. Nothing. Is there a sort of bug or i’m doing something wrong?

What’s your version again?

Did you also check for browser errors on the Developer console?

If you try it in the online demo, does it work there?


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Thanks for the reply, so:

[quote=“pgr” post=60544]What’s your version again?
v 7.9.11

Nope, where i can find this check? My metod is allways f12 and check if there are errors, and console or networks doesn’t show me anyithing

I’ve tried and it works. SO i think could be a problem of the version? cos 2 installation of the 7.9.11 i found this problem. I mean, my version was 7.9.9 and i updated in 7.9.11 and both have the same problem. Could be a version problem?

I would definitely start by upgrading to the latest 7.9.x version, that bug could very well be fixed already.

Yes, the Developer tools are what you are using (F12)

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Ok, i can confirm the bugged version is the 7.9.11, updated to 9.14 and works fine