Bug found trying to download template

I am getting a 500 error when it gets to reading the account module. Tracing the code finds that the module variable is null so the directory becomes invalid. Can someone please verify that it works for them or is this a known bug? I’d like to use this but need to test import of our contact list.



Could you provide us with the error messages that appear for this?

Which modules does this occur on?

What version of SuiteCRM are you running?

Is it an upgrade from a previous version? If so, what version?


This is a fresh install of version 7.4 to an azure web app (perhaps there is something else I have to do to make it work, but everything else in this app works fine, so i hope not)

The error message from the browser side is just a 500 with no data. I went ahead and added some debug lines to a few places and here is the log from that:

[01-Nov-2015 09:26:58 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Strict Standards: Declaration of SqlsrvManager::compareVarDefs() should be compatible with DBManager::compareVarDefs($fielddef1, $fielddef2, $ignoreName = false) in D:\home\site\wwwroot\SuiteCRM-7.4\include\database\SqlsrvManager.php on line 100
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:58 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:58 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Cases
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:58 America/Los_Angeles] module=Cases
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Cases/Casevardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Contacts
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] module=Contacts
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Contacts/Contactvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Leads
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] module=Leads
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Leads/Leadvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Meetings
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] module=Meetings
[01-Nov-2015 09:26:59 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Meetings/Meetingvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:00 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Opportunities
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:00 America/Los_Angeles] module=Opportunities
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:00 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Opportunities/Opportunityvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:00 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Project
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:00 America/Los_Angeles] module=Project
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:00 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Project/Projectvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:00 America/Los_Angeles] refreshvardefs module=Prospects
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:01 America/Los_Angeles] module=Prospects
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:01 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules/Prospects/Prospectvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:01 America/Los_Angeles] module=
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:01 America/Los_Angeles] file=cache/modules//Accountvardefs.php
[01-Nov-2015 09:27:01 America/Los_Angeles] PHP Fatal error: sugar_file_put_contents_atomic() : fatal rename failure ‘D:\home\site\wwwroot\SuiteCRM-7.4\cache\modules\tem3A11.tmp’ -> ‘cache/modules//Accountvardefs.php’ in D:\home\site\wwwroot\SuiteCRM-7.4\include\utils\sugar_file_utils.php on line 194

It happens regardless of what module I pick to import data into. I will see it loop through a bunch of modules and when it gets to Accounts, the module variable is empty as you can see. I actually havent looked at which files I modified and added the debugging for a few days - got distracted. But you can see where the final error is and go backwards (which is all I really did and added some debug lines). Let me know if there are any other questions.