[Bug] Can not create Case: Mysql Error Incorrect string value '\xBC \xD0\xB4\xD0\xBE

I was trying to create a Case with title in Russian. It falls when I write capital ‘О’ in the title.
The error log:

[FATAL] Error inserting into table: sugarfeed: Query Failed: INSERT INTO sugarfeed (id,name,date_entered,date_modified,modified_user_id,created_by,description,deleted,assigned_user_id,related_module,related_id)
					VALUES ....
MySQL error 1366: Incorrect string value: '\xBC \xD0\xB4\xD0\xBE...' for column 'description' at row 1

We use MySql 5.6.13 at Windows, Php 5.3.27, Apache 2.2
MySql Charset utf8
MySql Db Collation for sugarfreed.description utf8_general_ci

But creating the record with the same title in the Errors module works fine.

What can I do?

Here http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1168036/how-to-fix-incorrect-string-value-errors I saw an answer advising to change utf8 to utf8mb4 encodings. Is it possible?

I’ve found a workaround for that issue (Mysql Error Incorrect string value in sugarcrm.log).
To save the text successfully just enclose the text within double quotes “” and save the record.
It works for me.

But I still looking for a real solution.