Branch wise data and user management in Suite CRM

Hi Experts,

Any one can guide me on "How to do a workaround to manage branches/site in suite crm? also we need to segregate the data branch/site wise.

appreciate your ideas and advice.

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Ranjith E S

This tutorial is great for that:

Can you tell me please your mention add-on and this add -on have same features and functionality. So which add-on we have to buy ?

You shouldn’t need to buy any add-ons. Security Suite is already integrated with SuiteCRM.

There is a payed-for, Pro version, with some extra functionality, but you probably won’t need it.

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Hi thank you for reply but how can I manage users group as For example, a user registers for their own deployment and a new crm instance is created for them with its own database, admin capabilities, etc . I want to create group of people are assign to one branch so the can see there lead and another group of of people to another branch so they can see there lead only. It is possible without using add-on because we have less time for development

Forget it, you’re talking about multi-instance installations, that’s completely out of scope for SuiteCRM add-ons. What you need are automations like Softaculous does, to automagically deploy new instances of SuiteCRM. You’re putting yourself in the position of a hosting provider. I don’t think there’s any way to do what you want, except if you build it yourself…

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