Bounced Emails are not working in campaign


I have a problem with the bounced emails in a campaign.

I checked the Scheduler and this is running every minute.

I checked that the fromemail got “maile-deamon” in it, is also fine.

But it won’t recognize the bbounced or invalid emails in the campaign.

Could it be that the problem is, that I have in the log and the Scheduler time a diffrent time to the inbox of my email??? where can I change the system time (I know where I have to change it on admin side but i mean the system side)

And another question is, that I have the Scheduler job as “function::pollMonitoredInboxesForBouncedCampaignEmails” is this right? This was a default setting i didn’t change this before but maybe this is the problem??

Does anybody have any tips for y would be veryy thankful

Thank you!!!

I don’t know if the time could be the issue here… but you basically set your date.timezone in two php.ini’s: one for the web server, one for CLI. This you can search in Google regarding your specific web server.

Are you actually getting bounced emails that appear in SuiteCRM (although they don’t get related to the campaign) or don’t you see any emails at all?

So i don#t get any email as bounced.

Everytime I send an email nothing happens if the email is invalid.

So I tried so much right now but nothing helps.
Maybe someone got any tip for me what I have to change or to add etc.

I’m frustrated right now ^^

Try to debug your email without SuiteCRM involved. Just use some normal email client (the webmail your provider gives you, or Thunderbird, or Windows Mail, whatever) to check if the email bounces are being received. Only after you are sure that the email is getting to your account on your provider, then you start debugging the process in SuiteCRM.

I also checked it on my provider.
So in my Inbox of 1and1 I get a Email by, but SuiteCRM don’t recognize that the Emails income.

I also changed a few files like somebody said on github.

Maybe anybody has a hint ??

But is SuiteCRM connected to that account? Does it receive other Emails from that account (the ones that are not bounces)?

And when you say you “don’t see it”, where is that? In Campaigns Status, or in Email module Inbox?

ok short Update:

now i reciev bounced Email but I only recieve one.

I made a test campagin with 3 mails which are all invalid to check the bounced mails.

When I send theses Campaign out the campaign recognize the invalid email bu only the first the others are not set in campaings as invalid :confused:

Someone had this problem before??