Bounce email sending mail to sender instead of bounce handling account

Hi All

I want to set up one email account such as as a bounce handling account

-tested campaign module but the bounce email is being sent to the sender

concern: bounce email is still not sent to

How to resolve it, Please help.

Thanks in Advance

Hello All,

can anyone guide for this

Is your issue the same as this?

Hi @pgr,

Yes similar to this

The bounce email is not receiving bounced emails instead it still sends to the sender.

How we can solve this?

That’s a PR, it already includes a fix. It looks simple enough to apply manually:


You can also add your voice on that issue to say it matters to you.

Ok, I will check and let you know ,

Thanks for the help @pgr

Hi @pgr

Thanks for the solution. It worked perfectly well. :slight_smile:

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