Blank Page installing 7.1.3 MAX

I am installing version 7.1.3 MAX for the first time. I originally had PHP 5.2 on the server but got an error that said ZIP was not installed. The suggestion that I got was to upgrade to PHP 5.4 since it had ZIP pre installed. I did so and now when I run the install I get a blank page. I wiped the folder out and unzipped a fresh copy and that did not help. I scanned the foruam and tried the permissions changes suggested on the files/folders suggested and it is still blank.

Any suggestions, I am on a dreamhost VPS.


Hi Mark,

Can you provide a print screen shot of the files and their permissions?



Attached is a full file/folder list with the permissions. Is this what you were looking for?

I have seen this when the PHP temp dir does not exist or does not the right permission. Create a test page with phpinfo() and see what temp dir is being used and ensure that you have the right permissions to that folder.