Blank page after login

Yesterday i wanted to add in module File uploader field, so i had to change something in code, add new files. But something went wrong and now SuiteCrm doesn’t work. I see blank page after login page :frowning: I’ve already deleted files that i created yesterday but it didn’t help. I think i did some deep mistake, i don’t know. Are there any variants to work it out? I don’t even know where to find the roots of problem. Help me please

Heeeeelp please! What can i do? Maybe there is some log file where i can find the error?? I don’t know what to do

There is a suitecrm.log file in the root of the /htdocs directory take a look in there also in the apache error log. Wherever that is stored on your system, it might say error in file x at line x which might give you a starting clue as to what’s still wrong with the system.

Although personally most of the time i’ve seen blank pages come up it’s down to permissions being wrong on my own suitecrm, so have you considered cheating and doing a blanket change of permissions to 755 to check that they all have the right permissions.

Thank you for your answer! But lof files show nothing :frowning: I found suitecrm.log and there is nothing useful there… Apache log the same
Can you tell about permissions in detail, please? Where should i found them?