Blank page after implementing print to pdf option for cases module

I am using Suitecrm Version 7.6.1 (Sugar Version 6.5.23 (Build 1061)).

I have created print to pdf option for Cases module by looking at the following link.

Now print to pdf option is showing in the details page , but when i clicked its is showing 500 server error.

Could anyone please help me to solve this issue.
I am attaching the screenshots of the things I have done to implement it.


These are my attachments.

Could anyone please check this.

we can’t see the attachments, that often happens because there’s a code error

best rregards



This is the attachment.

Could you please tell me what is went wrong:-


Could anyone please check this issue.

I got stuck with this for the last 3 days.

Hi Sir,

Could you please check this issue and help me.

I think that that how to is outdated, I’ve manage to accomplish this by copying the view.detail.php from AOS_Contracts and paste it in to my desire moduel, and making other changes also.

best regards