Blank multiplied Cases, BUG/ERROR?



I can’t figure out how this happen, since yesterday each new case entered by different users then it multiply by 153 new Blank cases , now it is multiplied by 432 blank cases for new actual case.

How can i fix? While i see no event log inside the system that could show me symptoms about it, so i can follow to fix

Do you have any workflows set up that could be causing issues? Do you have a joomla portal or any other website that accesses the SuiteCRM Api that could be creating the cases?

Regarding logging if you go to admin them system settings you can set a log level for what is written to the logs. Normally Suite just stores error messages, but you can change the setting to debug and it will store a lot more information.

You can also make a field auditable using studio and Suite will keep a note of every time that field changes.

Hi, Thank you for prompt reply

Below attached the recent workflows (they mostly not fired ON in the process audit yet), i thought the latest upgrade would affected my DB but we worked fine for almost 10 days with this upgrade.

Any ideas?!

what type of record does your first workflow create? You have repeated runs checked, which does risk the workflow running lots of times. Admittedly I would have thought the id contains any change condition would have prevented that.

I made the workflow “inactive” & it seems now back to normal.

I just wonder how to delete action within workflow

I’m afraid there isn’t a way to delete an action. You can either edit the action to do something else or create a brand new workflow and delete the original one.

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