blank list view after doing a basic search


For several users I am having this problem, I am using the accounts module as an example but also happens for other modules, specifically the case module:1. If I go to Sales > Accounts it gives me a list view of all my accounts.

  1. If I type a search term in the search box and hit search, the search comes back blank.
  2. If I then click ‘clear’ and press search I get nothing returned.
  3. I can now NOT get the list view of accounts back, it always returns blank.
    However if I go to ‘advanced search’ and click search without selecting any criteria it returns the full list of accounts.
    Every time I now go to Sales > Accounts it defaults to advanced search!
    If I go back to basic search it still returns a blank page.

If I go to my user preferences and ‘reset user preferences’ I now get a list view back on the basic screen but the problem persists if I search anything!

Can anyone offer any assistance?

I am on 7.4.1 and running on a windows box (IIS), all permissions are set.



[size=4][b][color=#000044][b][color=#000044][color=#000000]Thank you for posting this, I have been trying to solve this since before sundown, almost 3 hours ago. I was just about to re-install when I tried searching on blank list view instead of blank layout.

Similar, I have been trying to get a field to show up in the List View (modified date). Have a board meeting tomorrow to train everyone on suitecrm and was just about to go back to X2 or Sugarcrm, which I am have on my server and still considering.

Thank you for the key to getting the listing back. It has been blank until now and yet 20 Leads were listed and accessible in Recent list on the left.

Obviously a bug regarding layout, not sure when the List View “froze” for me, but nothing works to get the field I want back, not repair, not restore layout back to original, not reordering, not changing the % field size, not changing php versions just for grins, nothing! I really don’t have time to start install from scratch.

Looks like there is also a bug in Search.

Other issue is “undefined” in sub sections like Product and Service in Invoices and Quotes (no chmod doesn’t work), backup timesout no matter what php settings I use, no entry list (or intuitive way to find) list_active_status for leads to update the drop down.

Dismal experience so far as seems like every area has some inconsistency.

---->>>> BUT TRY THIS:

  1. Go to Administration -> Studio -> Leads -> Search -> Basic
  2. Then add some of the fields the List View refuses to display and Save.
  3. Go back to List View and refresh.
    When I did this, the List View went back to the defaults. So I re-added the fields I needed, 6 of which are custom, and they showed up again.

So it seems there is some tie to the Search layout and the List View layout in a dependent manner that hangs up List View. Might try advanced Search if that doesn’t work and Restore the List View; you probably already tried that but something to retry if adding to Search doesn’t work.

So even though you may not want someone to search on a field, looks like you have to add it to get suitecrm to allow you to add it to the List View or at least refresh somewhere in the background to show the fields that you have want in List View.

I probably updated the List View about 5 items just fine before it finally refused to add/remove any more columns.

Not sure how long lived this will be or if you can go back and remove the unnecessary fields from Search and if it will still work but hope is all we have for now.

Just installed suitecrm a few days ago. On 7.4.3.[/color][/color][/b][/color][/b][/size]

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Thanks mk for the comprehensive reply. I’m delighted, your fix worked. Okay I have a couple of extra search terms at the top of the page but we can deal with that. At least the basic search is usable again.

Many, many thanks.

Roger :slight_smile:

I had this same issue in SuiteCRM 7.8.2. So it seems this is still buggy.

Eventually what worked for me is doing these things (don’t know in which order):

-change the Listview items per page under System Settings from the default to a high number and back to default again
-use the quick filter (this is the new name for what was basic search at the time of your post) to select some records
-restore listview to default
-use a personal custom listview with the icon next to the filter icon

I had the same issue and my issue was some bad code at view.list.php.
removing that ,it works perfectly.

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