Blank calendar page

As the subject says I’m unable to view the Calendar page, it just returns a blank page.
I have added a meeting, a task and an event with no issues but the calendar page is just blank.
Log file is showing no errors and when I view the page source I can see all the relevant data has been grabbed from the DB. There are no javascript errors being logged in the browser either. Have tried in Firefox and Edge.
Have tried a rebuild.
SuiteCRM Version 7.11.10 on IIS with MS SQL DB.
Any idea what I could be doing wrong?!

You need to check two server logs, it looks like you’re getting a PHP Fatal

php error log showing “PHP Notice: Undefined index: view in \SuiteCRM\include\utils\activity_utils.php on line 62”

A simple Notice wouldn’t break your screen, maybe there’s something else?

Also, to me that Notice doesn’t make sense coming from this line…

Is that what you have in your file, or is it customized?

Please keep an eye on the time while you launch the Calendar view, and confirm that that Notice is appearing at the exact same time. The same goes for any messages you might have in suitecrm.log

Hi, no I have the SecuritySuite add-on installed which makes my line 62

        $cal_view = $_REQUEST['view'];

Will do a little more digging about as you suggest and see what I can find. Thanks for your input so far.

Is the Security Suite Restricting user from viewing calendar? Can you create a Full Privileges role and assign it to your user to test.
Have you turned off the Display Errors for PHP ?
Do you see any errors in your Browser console (Press F12 to open up inspect panel and click on Console TAB to check errors)

Okay, no idea what happened with this but I decided to uninstall SuiteSecurity add-on and that completely broke my installation! ie blank page after login.
Had to completely rebuild from the ground up and now the Calendar page is working fine along with everything else including SuiteSecurity. I’m guessing something got corrupted in the DB somewhere.

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