Bit better but fundamental floors

I wasn’t a fan of Suite before, Probably not the best fan now… Saw the demo on your website and to some respect its much better than it was but then in some places its much worse than before- thus I don’t know how to comment.

It feels like you slapped some bright red lipstick and a wig on.

10/10 for keeping at it -perhaps find a software architect or UX guy

You can please some of the people, some of the time. You can rarely please those who do not wish to be pleased. Not sure what your point is.

And … flaws … not floors

I love your passion and the huge effort you are putting into SuiteCRM.

We have been a SugarCRM user since it was founded, originally a forum and code contributor.

As the OS platform started to rot we disengaged and have kept our business on 5.5.4 and built out around it maintaining it as little more than a contact database with even that predominately accessed and edited withing 3rd party systems.

For the functions we use I was most excited about a refresh to the UX and UI, I think these aesthetics and usability are the core that. As you hit it is subjective and difficult to please everyone but I do believe some polish is required to the new theme.

Things like:

  • “Overview” “More information” “Other” tabs, its not clear how they are supposed to float in relation to other elements, indeed they are overflowing in Chrome.
  • Edit pages, I know you are looking for touch support but everything is too big and padded
  • Inline editing causes tables to flex, inline could be inline without causing cascade movements

OffTopic slightly, Greg, - you wrote a great Blog a while back about good PlugIns to use: but the links on that page look like they may need updating - readers would be helped if they can click through to each of the extensions you listed - like your Outlook Plug and etc