Birtday reminders and field

I’m trying to find the best way to configure birthday reminders in Suite CRM using the appropriate field. I see that it takes the year in consideration so I can’t use the dashlet with the ‘‘Next 7 days’’ field if the bithday isn’t in the current year. Same thing using workflows, I need to set a year and it would be great if I would be able to have a reminder without considering the year.


Where is the birthday being stored? in a contact or as a meetings that is connected to the contact etc?

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It’s being stored in the lead, it’s the same field for the contact if you use the bithday field. Somobody suggested to create a cron job on the server related to a webhook that would create a task or phone call.

Here’s what I found on the subject, I was wondering if there was a different way :


I would use work flow. Make sure the scheduler is set up correctly. I used these condition to send me an email is a lead came within 1 day of their birthday.

I successfully received the emails.

Did you try this? The problem using a workflow is that it also takes the year in consideration, so if the birthdate isn’t the current year the workflow won’t work.

Ok I’ve tried and it does work fine! Thanks!

Workflows only take date into consideration if you set up the type to do so, but glad its working for you

After further tests it doesn’t work as planned, since I put the condition less then or equal to, if I go in edit mode save the lead without no date it’ll create an activity. I’m trying to automatically create a task the same day of the clients anniversary, there must be a way with the good conditions. I think I achieved that type a workflow for automatic follow ups and it did work but for the task creation it doesn’t match with the birthday.