Best Practice Installation Recommendations/Settings

Hi All,

Does a document/page exist that details the best practice recommendations for settings in files like php.ini or mysql’s my.cnf? Also all the correct php modules to install (by name for Linux)?

I know that on the installation page in the SuiteCRM wiki it lists some prerequisites but the list is very broad and non-specific. It would for instance mention that PHP is required but doesn’t give any details around its exact configuration settings to best meet SuiteCRM’s requirements.

A detailed list of all these requirements would make it considerably easier for newbies to install and start using the software with the least amount of hassles. Relative to other open source CRMs like vTiger, SuiteCRM is still very new and few articles about it exist (well, worthwhile ones in any case :wink: ). I think the product, the work and the ideals behind it is fantastic and its far superior to many of the others which have been in development for far longer. If the installation can now be made as foolproof and easy as possible it will certainly boost adoption rates even further.

If anyone/everyone is willing to contribute towards providing the recommended settings then I will even update the Installation Guide with a Prerequisites Best Practices section to help other new-comers?


Hi Werner,

SuiteCRM is built, updated, documented from projects we do for clients. We do not have a dedicated SuiteCRM team who work on the project full time.

SuiteCRM is all about providing for the community and about being open source, but we also love for the community to give back and collaborate to the work we do!

We would welcome and recommend any contributors to add value to SuiteCRM where they feel they can contribute.