Best practice for importing contacts and accounts? data from CSV

Greetings everyone,

I’m pretty new to suite CRM and I’m trying to import my contacts from Excel.

I’m using version 7.5.3

Importing contacts are going well so far and accounts too.
The thing I’m struggling is when I already have a list of contacts and/or accounts that I want to recreate in suite CRM.

At first, I was importing the contacts and accounts, then creating a target list and add all the contacts on this new list. But as my contacts numbers grow, it’s beginning to be tedious since I have to manually select them one by one for this list.

I thought of importing my contacts into targets instead(which is easy afterward to make a list) then convert them to leads and to contacts.

However, It’s not working well since the system impose me to put an account name (some of these contacts do not have any account and are supposed to be only a contact with no account) Also, the information is not being copied when you convert to a contact. Plus The target is remaining a target after its being converted to lead…

So, what do you recommend me to do in that situation?

Any thought on this?

thank you