Best Approach to Migrate MySQL to MSSQL


We are testing moving our Suite install from MySQL to MSSQL. In our first test, we used a database migration tool to create the new database in MSSQL.

Running Repair & Rebuild shows that are differences in datatypes between the database and vardefs, but trying to update the datatypes always fails (both through Suite and directly on the database.)

My question is, is it better to let Suite create the database structure and then push the existing data in and somehow create the custom fields afterwards?


Haven’t done that myself, but if I did, I’d probably let SuiteCRM do the heavy lifting. IIRC there was a bug in one of the recent SuiteCRM versions that actually blocked creation and updates of datatypes in QR&R. Might be worth ensuring you’re not affected.

Maybe a stupid question, but are you considering or have you considered reinstalling SuiteCRM completely and exporting/importing all customizations to the new installation, and once they’re all done, import the data?

Hey there - thanks for your input! Not a stupid question and I think that’s where I’m at: is this approach of doing a complete reinstallation and importing customizations and data a valid option? Will exporting/importing Studio customizations also handle creation of the _cstm data fields?

It should work for the customizations that you’ve done in the Studio, but any customizations you’ve done outside of Studio you’ll probably need to copy by hand. At least that’s how it seemed to me when I was researching rapid redeployment setups. Perhaps someone from @salesagility can confirm what’s included and what’s not at customization exports. Even if there was some manual labor involved I’d still suspect that it’s better to reinstall than to try to move the current database by itself and as a whole

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