Batch edit drop down list, my confusion.

I have more than 300 items to add/modify in dropdown list, as the stock dropdown list editor lack of import function(do we?), so the easiest way for me to do is to populate lines of code.
I found my way to do so during the whole system initial setup by creating a custom module called “dropdown list”, then I put all my lists in this module, by editing “custom/modulebuilder/packages/Dropdown_list/language/application/en_us.lang.php”, I am able to create lots of items quickly. And all other custom/stock modules use the dropdown list from this custom module
But then, I am losing my control of these lists, i added/deleted items in the “dropdown_list” module, and re-deploy it, but the dropdowns in the drowdown list editor did not change. After searching the forum that all those changes that made with dropdown list editor goes to “custom/include/language/filename…php”.

So my question is that:

  1. Are there any ways to prevent this?
  2. what is the best way to edit dropdown list by code in my setup?
  3. Where are all these changes(In modulebuilder/studio/dropdown list editor) will go to?


For 1, i don`t know what you really mean by that.
2. The best practice is to add/edit dropdowns from Admin-> Dropdown editor
3. check out custom/include/language/en_us.lang.php for the changes that you deploy from Admin DD editor.

Thank you for your reply!

Maybe my question 1 should be:
After deploying the custom made module to SuiteCRM, i found this module in both “Module Builder” and “Studio” module. So what should I go to when I want to change something of this custom module? Which one has priority? Module Builder or Studio? And if i want to export the latest modified custom module, which one i should export: custom modifications in Studio or export package in Module Builder?



Module Builder is all about creating the module and with the added fields, relationships and layout which you have deployed in module builder.
So, for having your custom module recent changes exported on another crm instance,

a)Create this custom module in another crm instance,
Go to module builder, select your custom module package, click on publish.
Upload the downloaded zipped package through module loader on that crm instance.

b)Exporting the studio customizations(Recent changes that you make through studio)
Go to studio, enter package name, select your custom module , click on export customizations .
Upload the downloaded zipped package through module loader on that crm instance.

Thereby at last, you have your custom module created with recent changes.

That’s what confused me. See the attached screenshot. The “Dropdown” module appear in both studio and module builder.
When I make changes in module builder and deploy the changes, will they intergrade to studio one?
After updating the studio one and export those changes to a zip file, can I just load this zip alone to the other crm instance or I have to load the module builder one together?
When I want to change the codes directly, where I should go? to the studio one? or the module builder one(custom/modulebuilder/)?

Thanks for helping, I am just new to SuiteCRM and have tons of questions about it. As I don’t have a CS degree, and very limited experience of coding, I can’t figure out myself. :slight_smile:

If you want your custom module on another crm instance , then
a)first publish the package from module builder, upload on another crm instance.Module will get created on that crm instance.
b)Customization’s are done to something that exists…Now that custom module exist on another crm instance, so export studio customization’s , upload and install it and do repair and rebuild.

For programming point of view,If you want to make changes into your custom module,
do repair and rebuild after making changes.

After uploading from studio package, do not redeploy in module builder again, otherwise recent changes done in studio will get lost.

Thank you jyotisingh!
You help me a lot!