Basic workflow function still not working properly!


It’s been a while since I first reported this issue and I’m already on 7.10.15 stable version and this basic workflow function is still not working.

I’m creating a work flow that will send a reminder after 2 days of when the record was last modified.

My function is:

Quotes - date modified - equial to - date - now (minus) 2 days.

This basic function is supposed to send an email after exactly 2 days when the quote was last modified.
This basic function of the workflow should have been working a long time ago.
I still have to use the less or equals, and greater than or equals function,but not the equals option.

When will this be fixed?

Is there an Issue for this on Github? If not, that nobody is likely to work on it.

You could also pay a developer on Upwork 30 USD or 6 USD (for one or two hours of work) to fix the bug for you and propose the fix on Github.