Basic user restrictions

Hello, how are you?
I have a problem with CRM, when I am creating users,
they have the possibility to change their password and user, their own data itself, check in the role administration, where it is, Access does not let me change to Disable, it is not established and I am the administrator, the problem that they can move your own data, I want to avoid that, they always change it, or if there is another option, I thank you for your support, they would really help me with that problem, thank you very much, greetings

You mean user should not able to change his profile? I think for that you need to add some restriction by code only. For other modules you can set roles and security groups as shown below.
Please go through the documentation about roles and security group.

Here is the thread about the understanding of roles and security groups

It is correct, the user changes his profile, and his password, as he wants, and I can not do anything, I hope they can guide me, thank you very much :slight_smile: