I have installed SuiteCRM in local C:\Suitecrm

I am trying to have a backup on a mobile Hdisk as security (via USB—F Drive)) and wonder if a standard filetransfer
from C:\Suitecrm… to F:\Suitecrm… is covering ALL the files.

I installed a standard installation of Suitecrm, but wonder if there are some other(hidden) files I need as well. for the backup.

The test would be : if I delete/uninstall the local C:\Suitecrm…can I do a filetransfer from the F drive to the Original C\Suitecrm and
continue to work again on the C drive.


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In admin there’s a built in Backup tool. As long as none of the files that the backup tool has set up are missing, there’s no problem with it being copied elsewhere until needed again.

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