Backup process

So I have the platform all installed along with employees, users, roles and security settings all completed. Email server working and I’m about to enter testing phase for opportunity and cases. Trick now is, the backup utility is not very helpful.

I created a “backup” folder within the SuiteCRM folder on my Apache server but the backup doesn’t seem to work stating that the specified folder does not exist or that it does exist but it cannot write to the folder even after I verified the read/write permissions were assigned.

Can anyone offer backup procedure assistance before I start loading the system with information and importing files?


Could you try using the Entire Directory Location?
i.e: /var/www/crm/backup/

As /backup/ will look in the root folder for a folder called backup.

Do note that this only gives a backup of the CRM itself, not the database.

Thanks, John

Thank you for that quick reply!

Also, after I posted this, I located this helpful URL which, although is based on the SugarCRM version, the instructions still apply and did work:

Thanks again!

How to load this application file? I back up one of this from my work environment, and try to load it into test environment, how do I do it?