BACKUP of suiteCRM.SuiteOnDemand (hosting by SalesAgility)

Our SuiteCRM instance is hosted by SalesAgility/suiteCRM so I do not believe we have access to the cpanel or what not.

Supposedly you’re supposed to e-mail them for a backup, but there is no e-mail address listed.

I also contacted SalesAgility support which directed me to post on this forum.

How do I obtain a backup of our SuiteCRM database and configuration files?

Hi Kennethl,

Sorry about the Delay, The release of SuiteCRM 7.4 has kept us very busy!

If you are using our Hosted Suite on Demand service, you should have the ability to use the Portal to create a case with us.
If you are unable to create a case, we could do so for you.

Once a case is created, we can begin to action/schedule this. Would you like us to create a case?


Hi John,

Thanks for the response. Can you provide some details on how to access the Portal and create a case? Within SuiteCRM, when I navigate down to Support it takes me to the forums.




I’m not certain how you would access Portal on an SOD instance as it may have been set up differently depending on your instance, i’ll check this out.

For the time being, would you like us to log a Case for this, so that we can begin actioning the backup?

I have a client who is using the hosted version of SuiteCRM as well and when they click on support within the portal it takes them to the forum as well. They have a question about backups too. Can you give me specific steps to create a case within the SuiteOnDemand so that you can give us instructions on how to get a copy of the backups, etc before we start making configuration changes. Would also be helpful to provide us the steps to take in case we have to restore SuiteCRM and the database in case we have to.

We will contact you directly regarding portal access and how to request and access backups.



Thanks. When can we expect that you will contact us directly regarding portal access and how to request and access backups?