Automatically convert added custom field in lead module to contact module.

Business Case
Using studio, custom panel and set of fields under that panel are created. These fields are generally pertaining to internal office use. Thus, must be kept in the system and filed under contacts/accounts as and where needed.

So Far:
Created the fields and panels in leads module. On converting the lead, it is not going to the modules as intended. I have graduated from vTiger where the process is somewhat automated/semi auto. Whereby, we have ability to map the fields to other modules.

How do we create relationships between modules so that the fields are auto-converted. If there is a hard code needed, can someone suggest a heads up about the files (UPGRADE SAFE) and a sample code/snippet for textboxes?



Add field with same names to respective modules and it works like charm.

leads --> you add a field named custom_f1
contacts --> add a field named custom_f1
and so on…

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But how do you achieve this if the field names do not match.

For an example, say you have an existing custom module populated with data and then want to add that to the lead conversion process. How can the fields be mapped to each other?

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