Automatic upgrades

I was using suitecrm managed from softaculoos that was automatically upgrading my suitecrm, then I changed hosting and now I have a suitecrm detaucehd from softaculous… I have softaculous in my cpanel, but they are not connected. How could I upgrade automatically my suitecrm ? sinstallatron could be useful? Other ideas? I am using suitecrm 7.11.21 right now.

Can you please share a screenshot about your issue to get more or exact idea.

I just have a normal suitecrm setup in a linux server and I would like to know how could I upgrade automatically suitecrm instead to wait for the email alerto f the update then go to suitecrm download page and download the upgrade and then login into suitecrm and launch the upgrade by hand uploading the file etc…

tbh I would not recommend automatic updates (not that they are available anyway), as you may want to test the update on a dev instance before applying it to your production crm…that way you can figure out whether everything will work fine (especially custom modules etc.)

I agree with @rmint
try the way he/she said and see if you still facing an issue please let us know with SS

Ok, in exhange I suggest a message/popup alerting into the admin area, after loggin in, that alwer the suitecrm administrator that an upgrade is available. This would help a lot the administrators to upgrade with good timings.