autofill one custom module with another modules data

I have two custom modules and both of them take in some customer information. Module 1 is designed to take detailed information about a client. Module two has all fields of module 1 and some extra fields. What I need is to copy the similar fields of module 1 into module 2. Pls shed some light. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Workflow will allow you to create this process, you will need to add a process to when the workflow triggers to do this. for example a status of module 1 or a check box that says “copy to module 2”

for example

Worflow module = Module 1
rule = on save only

Condition = Module 1 Status = Copy to Module 2

Action = Create record

relate to workflow module√

Create = Module 2

  • Add field /

Select the field from module 2 / type = field / select the field from module 1

Add all fields that you would like to be copied over

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